Lead Extraction Tools

We let you qualify leads manually or automatically. You can extract the qualified leads by removing unqualified leads. As you go through your lead qualification checklist and qualify leads as marketing or sales-ready, you move each lead in an appropriate column.

Rapbooster helps sales teams convert promising prospects into profitable relationships. Target qualified sales leads, access up-to-date business information, and improve ROI with intuitive analytics. Give your sales team the insights they need with us.

What Reputation Management

No single source of information


No initial lead qualification


No insight into lead’s activities


To Let your business grow, you have to convert leads to loyal customers through our Lead Extractor Tools.


The Lead

During the generation of leaders and contacted ideal buyers through various online sources such as email, social media, and a lot more. It manually adds these leads, especially when the volume is high.

Leads based on the model of demographic information and engagement which assign scores to leads based on their job title, country, product, and engagement through email so that the sales team will be able to differentiate qualified and unqualified leads quickly.


Our Other Services

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Business Assists

For startups and growing businesses, an online specialist can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow and retain a happy client base.

G Robo

We have a few self-running data mining software. Software will find business name, address, phone numbers, email ids, and other information mentioned in other online directories. You can find data by area and profession from various online sites. You just have to hit a few clicks and the software does the rest. It will copy-paste all the data into excel format. Start downloading your new prospects.

Facebook Robo

The software will fetch the list of all your friends. This software distributes your content faster to your friends/contacts. If you are an FB user, then you can post your ads on FB timeline, comment section, or group or user page. It does all at one click.

Facebook Sender

This software will fetch the list of all your friends and even friends of a friend. It will also automate the process of spreading your content to go viral more efficiently. You can send your content faster to your contacts and even contacts with your friends. It finds your FB friends or friends of a friend and you can select those friends or contacts to send your products or service details faster.