GPS Vehicle Tracker


24 hour Real-Time Tracking

Are you looking for a reliable GPS vehicle tracker software for your GPS trackers? Track your vehicles on the go on your mobile or a web panel. You can track live location, speed, last stoppage, and various history reports like engine on-off, stoppage reports, geo-fencing reports, over-speed reports, and mobile alerts. The software has been designed to perform to get the best information about your fleets/vehicles all the time.


Our GPS software has below features on the Web platform, Android app, iPhone app, and iPad app:

  • Live location on the map
  • Live speed
  • Live address
  • Live ignition / or AC’s status
  • Past History Playback route recording on a map
  • Geo-Fence Creation On Mobile
  • Print download report on web and mobile
  • Mobile Parking Alarm / Siren
  • Mobile app alerts (ignition, over speed, area entry-exit and more)
  • Stoppage report- (download report on mobile)
  • Kilometer report (download report on mobile)
  • Ignition on-off report (download report on mobile)
  • Overspeed report (download report on mobile)
  • Stoppage report (download report on mobile)
  • Geofence report (download report on mobile)
  • Engine Run Report for JCB (download report on mobile)
  • The software in 60 + Languages of the world & many more features

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