CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management

Manages Company's Interactions and Relationships

If you have multiple sales and marketing professionals in your team. Then this software cannot be ignored to manage your entire team from one place. This is an Enquiries Management Software. You can add your leads inquiry, follow your customers, and put remarks. Management can review the status of all the leads contacted by the sales and marketing team.
CRM is a platform that includes apps that help in all areas of business. Some of our most popular solutions are help desk, invoicing, project management, procurement, and more. All of our apps are designed to revolve around the CRM, providing a complete 360 view of your customer. We offer a complete set of sales tools for lead management, activity tracking, pipeline visualization, and automated workflow.


What We Offer

Organize your tasks

Get a 360° view of their details, including email/chat conversations they had with your company.

Surface the hot prospects

Rank tasks by their characteristics and engagement with your company. Identify and talk to sales-ready leads.

Automation activities

Create workflows to automate sales processes, and set up sales campaigns to nurture warm and cold tasks.